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Hi - My name is Grant.


Hopefully you will have found this page by clicking a link that got you interested in making YOUR OWN RESIDUAL INCOME?


Let me start by telling you where I am currently at:


Some know me as an Award winning Architect and Director of Grant Erskine Architects (which is flying by the way, we have projects across the country and are in the great position of sustained growth).


Some know me as the Director of The Biz Expos, what I am told is the Biggest B2B expo brand in the country, with 8 (soon to be 10) events nationwide.


Some know me as the Director of Pink Fizz Speed Dating (long story where this business came from) – a successful Northwest Speed Dating Company.


Some know me as a Business Consultant with a knack for turning businesses around. (I’ve spent a lot of time and money on my skills – and more importantly putting what I have learnt into action).




Thing is – about a year ago, I noticed a challenge with all these business (I don’t use the word problem – I use challenge). I only draw an income when I’m working on them - even with all my staff, if I stop, in short, the businesses won’t be far behind me.


So for most of 2015, I had been looking for a residual income. A WAY OF GENERATING AN INCOME EVEN WHEN I AM NOT WORKING ON IT. As I own The Biz Expos, I have been approached by many franchises, I’m sure you have heard of them – utility warehouse, juice plus, herbal life etc and whilst they all have a place, none of them excited me.


The main issue with them many of them for me is that they are too slow burn or they rely on selling and to be perfectly blunt about it, I have a lot easier ways to make a couple of hundred quid than sell a few boxes of product. However, I found one that I to DON'T HAVE TO DO ANY SELLING IF I DON'T WANT TO (personally I give the Product away) and has very quick and high rewards.


Also, it is reasonably new in the UK, but worth £1.2B in the US.


So, if you are thinking of building your own residual income, if you are interested to know what it is that attracted me, probably the busiest guy around, ENTER YOUR DETAILS AND I'LL GET IN TOUCH.


Speak soon, Grant


P.S – I’ve had a few people come back to me and Say “My wife has just got on Mat Leave” or “My mum has just retired” etc– the answer is, yes of course, they are welcome to get in touch. Tell them to email me at walker@earningtreks.co.uk or look for me on facebook / linkedin.